With a long history of servicing the construction industry in Cyprus, Ntinos Poupas Ltd has developed a range of plastics products that both complement and complete traditional building materials. Our plastic extrusions, whether in the form of crack inducers or cement tube gaskets, provide high-quality value and reliable performance to developers. Moreover, our custom-designed plastic flooring is guaranteed to upgrade any space.

Cement Tube Gaskets & Accessories

The range of gaskets produced by Ntinos Poupas Ltd aims to provide sealing solutions for all types of pipe configuration, joint design or size. Ranging from single offset or tongue and groove, confined o-ring groove, or round, elliptical or arch pipe, our company is in a position to deliver your products on demand.
Crack Inducer

Crack Inducers

Used in heavy construction, crack inducers are used to create controlled cracks in concrete slabs, preventing movement during pours. Our extrusions are easy-to-install, lightweight and durable, an essential element to maintaining solidity and stability.

Plastic Flooring

Our plastic flooring provides the most appropriate solution for enhancing your floor space. Requiring minimal preparation, it features quick-to-lay, seamless interlocking tiles made of high-quality PVC. Safe, durable and easy to clean, and available in a variety of colours (depending on quantities), Ntinos Poupas Ltd flooring is ideal for a range of indoor environments, including workshops, showrooms, garages and gyms.