Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Pharamceuticals Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Ntinos Poupas Ltd is the first Cypriot company to specialize in the production of primary plastic packaging for the global pharmaceutical industry, with a growing presence in the cosmetics and beverage sectors. Servicing some of the leading pharmaceutical providers, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of containers and bottles for liquid dosage, securitainers for dry pills, as well as plastic measuring spoons of varying capacity. 

Bottles and Containers

Bottles & Containers

Available in range of different colors, our bottles and containers possess a number of important features. Produced by state-of-the art machinery located at our central headquarters, our containers and cap closures are produced through injection molding and pet blowing while our bottles are extrusion blow molded, all of which have a maximized container base to improve stability as well as enhancing stackability, are highly impact resistant and provide a good moisture barrier.
Measuring Spoon

Measuring Spoons

Meeting the highest industry standards, our plastic measuring spoons are CE certified, and are characterized by their light weight, durable construction, as well as their stability at high temperatures. Using standard materials (PS or PP), the spoons are designed for a range of capacities, with the availability of colors dependent on the quantity of each order.