Doors & Windows


Doors & Windows

The industry that our company has serviced the most since its establishment in 1991. Responding to steadily growing demand, Ntinos Poupas LTD covers all needs related to the doors and windows industry, regardless of material (plastic, aluminum or wood), product (hinge doors, sliding doors or single-hung windows, casement windows), and types of building (residental, commercial or industrial).

Sealing & Glazing Gaskets

Designed to provide security and fraught proofing, our wide range of plastic extrusions, particularly gaskets and seals which include U-Channel Gaskets, Wedge Gaskets, E-Gaskets, bubble gaskets and hinge door gaskets, all of which are designed for all timber and aluminum window and door profiles.
Plastic fitting

Plastic Fittings & Accessories

Our range of gaskets is completed by the plastic fittings and accessories, including corners, handles,door stoppers, caps and plugs.